Glazing Room

Our Glazing Room is a place to paint your clay and relax. So come on in, find your clay on our organized racks and take a seat.

Students who have recently completed a clay workshop in our studio can book glazing time in the Glazing Room. This is when you add details, colour, shine, and maybe even a neat technique or two to your clay creation. This is a self-directed hour, step by step instructions are posted in the room. Our lovely staff will be checking in on you in case you need assistance, guidance, cheerleading, or another coffee.


• Up to 1 hour for glazing.
• Access to our collection of 15+ colours of low fire underglazes as well as clear overglaze (for the shiny layer)!
• Use of tools and brushes! Please clean your brushes and area when you are done.


When you are done glazing your clay, place it on our ready trays to be fired within the next couple of days. It will be ready for pick up in 3-5 days.

​Glazing time is available for a 2 week window after your clay has been fired in the kiln. We are not able to store clay pieces past this 2 week period. Space is limited, only people who are painting clay can reserve a seat in the Glazing Room.

​Glazing Room hours vary by studio. You can reserve your spot, or take your chances and drop in. Glazing time slots start every hour on the hour.

Can I drop in or do I need to book a spot?
All spots in the glazing room are available for booking, however you can always drop by during Glazing Room open hours and see if there is a space available. *Please check your studio for Glazing Room hours.

What happens if I am late?
If you have reserved a spot in the Glazing Room, your spot is held for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes your spot may be given to someone who is waiting. Glazing time cannot be extended past the original start time.

What if I need more time?
One hour is a lot of time to glaze clay, you should be just fine! However if you feel you do need more time please talk to one of our staff and we will try our best to find a spot for you.

I’ve just been to two clay workshops, can I glaze both at the same time?
Yes! If both pieces are ready you can glaze 2 pieces. You may want to book back to back spots in the Glazing Room to make sure you have enough time for both.

What is the cost of using the glaze room?
One hour of glazing time is included in the cost of the clay workshops.

I do not want to wait until my clay is fired to glaze, can I glaze right after my workshop?
It is recommended you wait until your clay has been fired in the kiln once before glazing, this can take up to 2 weeks. If you cannot wait you are welcome to use the Glazing Room immediately after your workshop (same day) as long as there is space and the Glazing Room is still open. Please tell your teacher during your workshop if you wish to glaze day of.