Choose Your Own Adventure – 3 Day Camp

Our summer camp is designed to put kids in charge of creating their own art adventure.

Throughout the day, kids are given the opportunity to choose their own projects from a variety of mediums, which encourages a love of learning, independence, creativity and artistic flow. Artists are encouraged to follow their own interests, and will earn badges as they participate!

Kids summer camp runs from June 26 – September 1!

Every adventure is unique, each day kids can choose from a variety of mediums! Project may include:

  • handbuilding with earthenware clay
  • clay under glazing
  • throwing clay on the clay wheel
  • acrylic painting on canvas, canvas panel and papers
  • watercolour painting with liquid, cakes, pencils and tubes
  • technical and experimental drawing with pencils, charcoal, pastels and markers
  • collage with papers, gold leaf and silver leaf and origami paper
  • polymer clay designing and sculpting

2 and 5 Day camp options are also available:

Choose to add extended camp time(s):

Week 8: August 14-18

Choose to add extended camp time(s):

Week 9: August 21-26

Choose to add extended camp time(s):

Week 10: August 28 – September 1

Choose to add extended camp time(s):