Pixelcraft Party

Fans of video game art unite! Learn, laugh and celebrate as you paint and craft 8-bit pixel art creations!

Basic Party includes having everyone work on an incredible 44″× 44″ painting on an unstretched canvas. The final painting is a magnificent masterpiece for the birthday person to treasure. Also, each guest creates their own individual polymer clay creation! An additional 44″× 44″ canvas is required for a parties with more than 12 guests.


Book A Party


The party cost includes 10 guests (including the birthday person), 1 hour of studio time and 45 minutes of party time.

Maximum number of guests: 25

Additional Fees

Extra guests: $25 per person
Parties over 12 guests: Require a $50 fee for an extra instructor and an additional $40 for a 44″× 44″ unstretched canvas

Awesome Upgrades!

Add sculpture to display dome: $7 per child
Add key chain to sculpture: $5 per child
Canvas stretching (finished stretched size is 36″× 36″): $100


This party is suitable for ages 7 to 16, with instructions scaled accordingly. We have adult party options as well. Please contact us for more information.

*We accept Visa or Mastercard. Payment must be received at time of booking. If a party time does not appear on the date, the booking is full.

*If the party time you would like is booked, check out 4Cats Lindfield