Pet Planter Party

Explore the artistic process of hand-building clay objects. Poke, push, build, spread, roll and squeeze all the goodness that clay provides while learning terms and techniques like glazing, scratch-and-slip, slab, bisque and more.

Basic Party includes having each guest work on their own hand-built clay creation project. Please note: The clay projects will be fired in our kiln and ready for pick-up approximately 3 weeks after the party.


Book A Party


The party cost includes 10 guests (including the birthday person), 1 hour of studio time and 45 minutes of party time.

Additional Fees

Extra guests: $25 per person
Parties over 12 guests: Require a $50 fee for an extra instructor


This party is suitable for ages 10 and up, with instructions scaling accordingly. We have adult party options as well. Please contact your studio for more information.

*We accept Visa or Mastercard. Payment must be received at time of booking. If a party time does not appear on the date, the booking is full.